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Aqua Hammamas Original - with free wet bag

Aqua hammamas original - with free wet bag

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Everyone should own one of these stylish pure cotton beach towels. Hammamas are extremely practical and versatile, being super absorbent, lightweight and fast drying.  They are the perfect holiday and travel companion as they are super compact and can be used for anything including; beach wrap or sarong, beach or bathroom towel, kids towel, lightweight blanket, picnic rug, tablecloth, throw, baby wrap or a scarf. Hammamas also look fantastic in the bathroom, hanging from the towel rail or rolled up and stacked for guests.

Made from pure cotton. Hammamas Original measures 180cm by 100cm


We are giving away a free wet bag (usually £1.95) with each hammamas ordered. These cool bags are perfect for carrying your Hammamas dry towel to the beach and your damp towel (after use) home, keeping the rest of your bag nice and dry. Alternatively they are very useful for keeping your phone, keys etc in, saving them from the sand and water whilst at the beach.

£25.00 BH1576


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