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Sand Hammamas Classic - with free wet bag

Sand hammamas classic - with free wet bag

The Hammamas Classic range is all about the freshness of summer and sea. This towel/wrap combines a beautiful fishbone weave with timeless classic colour ways of white, blue, red and neutrals. A great beach towel and sarong, Classic also makes a wonderful bath towel or looks lovely as a table cloth in the garden. They measure 180cm by 90cm and are supplied pre washed and ready to use.

Known as the 'Clever Cotton Towel' they are the perfect holiday and travel companion as they are super compact and can be used for anything including: beach or bathroom towel, wrap or scarf, stylish sarong, baby wrap, kids towel, picnic rug, tablecloth, chair throw, lightweight blanket

They are the perfect gift for everyone who travels or loves the beach!

OUR GIFT TO YOU: FREE WET BAG with every Hammamas ordered! The new cool wet bag is perfect for carrying your dry towel to the beach and your damp towel home again. It will keep the rest of the contents of your bag dry.

£30.00 BH1586


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