Enamel mussel pot - available in shutter blue or flint

Why not let your culinary creative juices flow by cooking up some delicious moules in this charming, retro-style 2-part cooking pot? Both parts of the pot have handles ideal for the shaking process essential for making sure the mussels open, while the lid doubles up as a handy receptacle for empty shells.   

Made of ovenproof enamel painted a soft light grey, with the word ‘Mussels’ printed clearly on the side, our mussel pot has, of course, been specially designed for cooking and serving mussels – although it’s just as good for other shellfish such as scallops or the exquisite razor clams.  

Designed to last a lifetime, our Enamel Mussel Pot makes an ideal present. Available in flint or shutter blue. H16 x W30 x D22cm

£35.00 BH1565Z


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